Example of Basic L-Band based IOT System Mimic Panel

This is an example of a Basic L-Band based IOT System Mimic Panel (opens new tab). This Basic L-Band based IOT System is able to be used with any satellite band based on the CFE up and down converters. The only frequency band specific component would potentially be the power sensors in the hub.
This is our lowest cost offering.

Mimic Panel Operation

The Graphic Mimic Panel (GMP) is the primary manual switch control panel for the IOT user. The Switch Control Unit(s) are accessed from the GMP. The switch control for measurements is fully automated without user interaction. The Mimic panel is a valuable to quickly switch switches manually in the system to aide anomaly investigation.

The user can change the state of any of the user-accessible RF switches by using the IOT Graphic Mimic Panel or manually at the equipment racks and antenna Hub. Although the GMP permits the user to change switch positions, generally, the IOT implements passive switch control. That is, the IOT does not throw hardware switches unless specifically requested by the user, permitting maximum user flexibility. The exception to passive control is when the IOT is performing IOT measurements. In this case the IOT commands the Switch Control Unit to throw the appropriate switches to automatically configure and perform the measurements.

The GMP consists of the primary IOT Graphic Mimic Panel and up to 8 sub-panels accessed from the primary panel(often not needed), additional subpanels can be added which are represented as box icons in the primary IOT GMP. The actual layout of the primary GMP panel as well as any required subpanels will be reviewed with the customer.

To switch switches, select Edit mode, click on the switches to configure the switches as desired, then press Set. Please Note that configured valid paths are highlighted in color when complete.
Note: There is no equipment connected in this demo.