Example of Multi-Carrier IOT System Mimic Panel

This is an example of a Multi-Carrier IOT System Mimic Panel(opens new tab). This Multi-Carrier IOT System is customized to work any satellite band based on instrumentation able to work in that band which eliminates the need for up and down converters.
This is a full featured offering.

Mimic Panel Operation

The Graphic Mimic Panel (GMP) is the primary manual switch control panel for the IOT user. The Switch Control Unit(s) are accessed from the GMP. The switch control for measurements is fully automated without user interaction. The Mimic panel is a valuable to quickly switch switches manually in the system to aide anomaly investigation.

To switch switches, select Edit mode, click on the switches to configure the switches as desired, then press Set. Please Note that configured valid paths are highlighted in color when complete.
Note: There is no equipment connected in this demo.